Sex Chairs and Travelling

Use of Sex Chair: Definition and tips for using

There are still people to believe that a chair is stupidly made to sit. Fortunately, some people remember that the evolution of the human species and the immense enrichment of its behavior are due to the individuals who do not accept the evidences, or the ready-made ideas. Because a chair, it is also a help full of resources to vary the erotic sensation

For example, the woman can sit comfortably astride the seat, facing the back where she crosses her arms to support her head. She will push her pelvis from the edge of the chair to free access to her vagina, and dig the kidneys to better receive his partner. The latter, standing in his back, will bend his knees, and, by clinging to his hips, will penetrate.

The lack of effort in the woman makes this position very pleasant, since it can indulge in soft vaginal sensations, and play with them by muscular tightening or provocative kidney digs. The man will accompany his rhythm until she is carried away by the excitement that she will have known how to make rise in her.

If the woman is more audacious, it is on the top of the file that she will sit, leaving her behind, the bar of the backrest mid-thigh or in the hollow of the knees; his hands will hang the uprights, his feet will be placed on the seat (if the backrest is low, because if the backrest is too high, his legs will be dangling). The man is placed behind his back, holding him in his arms, and pulling him backwards: he thus tilts the chair on his two back feet, until his companion is found at a good height for to be penetrated.

The couple usually finds the equilibrium position that requires little effort. The pleasure comes from the possibility of remaining both immobile: the man is content to give the movement to his partner by swinging the chair on his two feet, as in a rocking. Of course, it is better to have checked that the feet of the chair cannot skid on the ground! But the effect is guaranteed: softness, calm and pleasure!

If the woman has a taste for equilibrium, she can venture to use two chairs, placed face to face, and slightly separated: one foot on each seat, hands firmly holding the top of the records, she crouched to present her sex wide open to the man on his knees in front of her. The rest is a matter of inspiration: muscle stretching is often an excellent sensation booster; the movements of the hips are completely free and allow adjusting the pressure as the rhythm. The enjoyment can be reached “in stride”, or demanded by the penetration: the man has only to get up to find himself in place, and, without having to bear the weight of his companion, will seek an orgasm. Below are some useful tips on how to use sex chair.

A chair for two: a chair and two lovers!

In a chair for two, the man sits on a chair, a sofa, the edge of a bed or any support stable enough to support the position. As for you, you get on your spouse, and then raise your legs to put on his shoulders. Your partner clings firmly to your hips, so you do not tilt back while you put your hands around his neck. It is sir who will determine the rhythm of the movements. It will suffice to push your hips back and forth, accelerating or slowing back and forth, depending on your affinities. The act allows a deep penetration, which turns out to be nice for both lovers. The main negative points of a chair for two are discomfort and limitation of gestures! Indeed, difficult to innovate gestures, sex of your spouse.

A chair for two: why do we like it?

What you like about a chair for two is that while it’s innovative, it’s still a very soft position. You will also love the angle of deep penetration, but not too much, which provides many sensations. The partners embrace, can look languidly and kiss on the mouth. It changes the routine and pimento the sexuality daily. The most daring will dare to practice it on a public bench, in a desert place. On the other hand, we appreciate much less the limited amplitude of the movements and the inconvenience of the act. A chair for two will particularly appeal to couples wishing to break the routine and reinvent their sexuality. Lovers, who like to prove their respective affection during their antics, will also appreciate this position.

How to realize the position of the Kama sutra “folding chair”?

It is quite simple to set up to perform the position of the folding chair. First, the woman lies on her back. For more comfort, she can put some cushions under her head. She brings her knees to her chest and raises her pelvis. The man kneels before her and penetrates her. He can use his free hands to exert a slight pressure on the lap of Madame, and thus make the pleasure even more intense. The woman can also pinch her ankles under her partner’s armpits, or rest her feet on her chest.

Who can perform the position of the Kama sutra “folding chair”?

This position is accessible to everyone. Soft women will find it easier to fold their legs and to allow easy access for men between their legs. The man must be careful not to press too much on the knees of his partner, otherwise beware of the breakdown! The penetration is deep in this position; the point G enjoys a very intense stimulation! Lovers can look at each other, which make this position sensual, and sir has an unbeatable perspective on your bust. If you liked the position of the folding chair, also test that of the alluring rocker, a little more acrobatic but easily chained with the previous one!

No button so to order this sex toy chair is the leather surface of the Love Chair that is sensitive to the touch.  She perceives the presence of a person on her and touching in a more or less gentle way, more or less strong, we can order the sex toy. In a report that can recall the one that two people would have together.