Bring Butt Plugs On Your Travel

Rules for Applying Anal Plug and Enjoy Sex in a Different way

Butt plug is one of the most interesting sex toys. With its help, you can get a lot of pleasant sensations. But for the device to give only pleasure, it is important to correctly use it. There are 7 rules for applying an anal sleeve that will make the process fun and painless.

  1. The correct size

Butt plugs come in diameters from 1 to 10 cm. Small sizes are suitable for beginners, large ones for fisting lovers. When buying the first cork, choose a model with a size of up to 3 cm. This option will give pleasant emotions, but will not hurt. And if this does not seem enough, then you can choose large sizes, but again – you need to gradually add the diameter each time, and not immediately go to the giants.

  1. The presence of lubricant

There is no lubrication in the anus area; therefore the use of a lubricant is necessary. It is important to buy a quality compound that will protect the skin from injury. It is not recommended to use saliva, petroleum jelly or children’s cream, bacteria reproduce well in these compounds, as a result, micro-cracks can be infected.

To reduce pain while inserting the anal plug, you can choose an anesthetic lubricant. It makes use and anal sex more convenient, but does not affect the pleasant experiences, does not reduce the power of orgasm.

  1. Slow Introduction

The anus is a narrow hole, it is impossible to immerse objects in it so that cracks or tears do not form. The introduction of sex toys occurs gradually, the body must get used to the object in the anus. The sphincter should be relaxed, and this can only be done with very smooth movements. Most anal plugs are tapered to gradually widen the passage. When immersed, it is better to perform light movements, inserting the sleeve a couple of millimeters deeper each time.

  1. Comfortable posture

The most comfortable posture for insertion is on your knees, moving your pelvis back, or lying on your back, bending and pulling your legs to your body, squatting. But the introduction is possible in other positions too. It is important to get up, sit down or lie down comfortably, so that nothing distracts. At the same time, there must be access to the anus so that it is easy to insert or remove a sex toy.

  1. Wear time

Butt plug can be worn in the body, and not only used in bed. For this purpose, models are created with a special form of a limiter. It is convenient to lie between the buttocks, does not interfere with movement. Silicone tube safely in the body can be located up to 10 hours. Metal glass holds up to 5 hours in a row. But PVC and TPR should be in the body no more than 3 hours.

For wearing it is better to choose flexible models, they cause less inconvenience. It is also important to pay attention to weight, heavy cast plugs weighing more than 100 g in the body should not be held for a long time, they stretch the sphincter too much under the influence of gravity.

  1. Cleansing

After each use, the butt plug must be thoroughly washed. It is important to treat it with a special clinic or disinfectant so that no bacteria remain on the surface. It is necessary to do this immediately after use, without leaving this procedure “for later.” After washing the sex toy is dried and cleaned for storage. Depending on the material, the sleeve must be stored with other sex products or separately. If during storage, dust or other contaminants get onto the anal plug, it will also have to be properly cleaned before use.

Frequency of use

Anal caresses are very pleasant, but after them there may remain a slight painful sensation in the anus. If there are small wounds, they heal for a while. And while there is even the slightest discomfort, it is not worth repeating games with the anal plug. It is necessary to give the body a full recovery, and only then experiment again.

There is no single rule – how often can you engage in anal sex or use butt plug. If the safety rules are followed, there will be no pain at all, which means you can experiment more often.

Butt plug is a sex toy that gives a feeling of fullness, activates hundreds of sensitive areas and prepares the body for anal. There are decorative options, there are models with vibration. But whatever option you choose, do not forget about the rules for the use of anal plugs, they will help to avoid trouble.

Sooner or later, a moment comes when the position of the missionary becomes the death of the passion of any couple plus that it hurts the joints, say the specialists. At this point, partners seek to diversify their “sexual menu” with all sorts of sexual positions and toys that spice up their sex. And if they do not have the expected effect, there is a lot of blamed idea of anal sex. It hurts; it’s dirty and looked like an act of sadomasochism. Well, it does not have to be that way. If you want to have a special orgasmic experience, consider the tips below. These recommendations are for both women and men!

If you’re determined to give a chance to this sex, call your boyfriend next to you and read the lines below:

  • Anal sex should not hurt – here comes the role of lubricant, preferably water-based. Use it abundantly; you will need to “slip” like a book.
  • Start with something “small” – with a finger, tongue, with anal balls that have different sizes, recommended by sexologist.
  • Not to the end! It does not completely penetrate your penis into the poor anus, because it does not make sense. The nerves of pleasure are located right at the entrance and the anal hole is tight enough, so there is no need to “fill the void” to feel pleasure.
  • Without fast moves – in porn movies this is practiced, but in reality it is recommended to take it as easily. It’s not like losing a football match! Do it slowly and see what the moves your partner likes are.
  • Communicate – the best way to figure out what you like and what does not.
  • No, anal sex is not “dirty” – because, in fact, the anus and especially the low part of the penis (where the penis enters) do not retain feces (exception is the situation where the partner is constipated – so give attention to this aspect).
  • Now that the anus is ready for the “big entrance”, it is important to pay attention to the other erogenous areas. Most women need stimulation at all levels. So do not ignore the vagina, clitoris and nipples!
  • The last advice that men should keep in mind: Do not insert the finger in the vagina that you used in the anus. As clean as the anus, there are still bacteria, and the vagina is extremely sensitive and there is a risk of infection.

So, if you’re afraid to try anal sex, keep in mind the recommendations above so you have a nice experience to repeat with the opportunity of having sex with butt plug!

Latex While Travelling

Latex While Travelling

What do we know about latex and its products?

There are quite a large number of definitions for this material and here is a minimum of the important information that you should know about this material when you are going to purchase a latex product.

What is latex?

So, the simplest definition of latex is the milky juice of rubber plants. Surely, you have now changed your opinion about the usual meaning of this word? Latex is an extremely resilient and resilient material, hygienic and durable. There are two different types of latex – natural latex and synthetic.

  • Natural latex – made on the basis of the present, pure sap of the tree of the Hevea;
  • Synthetic latex – is produced by chemical means, with the help of various kinds of impurities.

Nowadays, consumers prefer to use synthetic latex, because natural latex has specific qualities that can be unpleasant for a certain category of consumers. For example, natural latex has a specific odor; when it is used, particularly sensitive people may experience some sort of discomfort. Also, natural latex tends to change its color, moreover, it is not a passable process that is influenced by such external factors as temperature, oxygen and, directly, time.

Synthetic latex is less capricious and more convenient in production, practically has no persistent strong odor. However, when unpacking a toy, an industrial smell is possible, very reminiscent of the smell of rubber, which is easily removed and no longer appears. Also, synthetic latex feels calm in the sun and is not able to change its color. Hence one can easily get the difference between natural and synthetic latex.

How is latex used in the sex industry?

It’s a big secret that, in addition to condoms, almost the majority of sex toys are made from latex, from dildos to costumes. Latex has a rather smooth, soft and pleasant body structure, which is very realistic and easy to clean. A huge plus is the fact that latex products remain affordable when compared with the rest of the range of products for erotic games and fantasies. Latex easily takes body temperature and you can lose the line between artificial and real. Due to this, dildos, vibrators, anal toys are very popular with customers.

A favorite item in the sex industry is latex clothing. This may be erotic underwear: panties and body both closed and with special openings for intimate bodies; or maybe a full-length jumpsuit, with slots for the chest; and even a mini dress in which you can easily appear in a disco club or just to a home party. In any case, using latex products is it a dildo or clothes, you and your partner / partners are guaranteed to get fantastic pleasure and unforgettable feelings.

Please note that a certain risk group of people may be allergic to latex products. Medical studies have shown that such a reaction is subject to 1% of the population, so be careful. Experts have proven that latex can cause a slight rash when it hits open wounds or cuts, but this is not the only material that can cause a similar reaction. Latex toys may have a light rubber smell when you first open the box with the product. This is the “factory” smell that can evaporate in a few minutes.

One of the disadvantages of latex is that it is inconvenient to wash or wipe. Latex has a porous structure, so it is pretty easy to spoil. Also, the material rather actively attracts dust. To avoid excessive irritation on the body, latex should be wiped with a dry or slightly damp cloth, barely touching the surface of the toy or costume. That’s it; your latex stuff is ready for use.

Myths about latex

Three main myths about latex are spread:

Latex – a material very similar to rubber and latex product that has little in common with the picture on the box: By purchasing a product made of latex, every second buyer stays the first few minutes at a loss as to why the product does not look as bright as the picture on the box and why the product does not shine like on models from magazine covers? The answer is very simple: the latex material itself has a matte and slightly rough surface structure, and gives it gloss and smoothness with the help of special sprays and polishes. Having processed the surface of the material with such polishing, you will receive just the product that is painted on the box picture. Just do not forget this little secret, and the product will delight you with its attractive sheen for a long time!

Latex has a persistent unpleasant chemical smell of rubber: This myth is justified in its own way, because indeed, when you first open the box, the products really do have a manufacturing smell, but literally in a few minutes it disappears and you will not feel it anymore. Does it make sense to try to fight him? Of course, before the first use, manufacturers in one voice recommend to carry out hygienic procedures for the product, after which you don’t remember the smell. Latex products are odorless and do not actively absorb it! Experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with the range of cleaners for toys:

Latex is a rather rigid material and it does not slide over the body. To put on latex underwear, you need to make an effort and as a result there is a risk of tearing the product. In fact, everything is very simple: almost all erotic latex clothes are fitted and designed to fit the figure of a woman or a man as much as possible. Why don’t you make such claims to your favorite leather trousers or tight jeans, but complain about latex shorts? The frictional force, natural hair of a person, sweating and other factors are a natural barrier when trying to put on any fitting clothes, not only products made of latex. And you can even break the jeans, if you forcefully pull the material. That is, in this case, the myth of the latex collapses by itself, and these arguments can be applied to almost any material from which clothing is made. Latex is a strong enough elastic material that can tear if you apply force and set yourself such an end in itself. Luckily, Manufacturers of sex toys have taken care of the convenience of using the material, creating a range of spray talc for toys, which will simplify and make pleasant not only putting on / removing products, but also take care of the safety of the material itself. It is enough to spray a certain amount of spray onto the surface of the material that will come into contact with the body, and within a few seconds you are ready to fight for sexual success in a full latex uniform!

Latex is compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubricants. It is preferable to use a water-based lubricant, because it does not stain and is easily removed from the surface of the material, unlike its counterparts. You can get acquainted with the assortment of lubricants in a special sub-category of the product of store Intimate Lubricants.

Why A Prince Albert Piercing Can Help You Get Laid Anywhere

Why A Prince Albert Piercing Can Help You Get Laid Anywhere

What you need to know about the holes in the genitals

Long reserved for followers of sadomasochism, piercing genitals is now commonplace in tattoos and piercing shops. Men and women of all ages seem to be tempted by this intimate body decoration. This week, let’s lift the veil on this practice which makes more than one grimace!

Honey, would you like Prince Albert?

A what?! Will probably tell the main interested! Prince Albert. You know this ring-shaped piercing that goes through the urethra to come out under the glans, near the penis brake? It’s a Prince Albert. According to the legend, the latter wore this kind of jewel to fix his penis along his leg to wear his tight pants and frock coat open. It looks very fashionable at this time. Anyway, it seems that this piercing provides the little “oumph” more to the partner during sex.

Moreover, one of the main reasons for the piercing of the genitals is the additional pleasure felt during lovemaking. Men can also have the “Ampallang”, a stem that completely crosses the glans or the “pubic” which consists of having a straight rod (barbell) on the pubis, at the base of the penis, thus increasing the clitoral sensations of the partner.

Women also have the choice of piercing styles! The most popular is the small ring in the hood of the clitoris. The constant friction of the jewel on the clitoris gives it an additional stimulation during sex (and in everyday life!) There is also the piercing of small or large lips and the one called “the fork” which decorates with a stem straight or curved the place where the small lips meet.

Maybe, but why

The one of the main benefits of Prince Albert piercing is having sex in style an experiencing more thrill every day. A couple may decide to take the bite of the genitals in order to increase the pleasure of the partner. But besides the pleasure, many choose this option by pure aesthetics. They wear it as an intimate jewel, they will only reveal to those who really deserve it. Just like the tattoo, the piercing of the genitals is a form of body expression, which demonstrates a unique side and which can help the appropriation of the body.

The cost for intimate piercing is between $ 80 and $ 120. Not very expensive, you will say some who mention having the impression to benefit from a permanent sex toy! Good news: it’s not like a tattoo, so it’s reversible. You do not want more? You take it off, that’s all.


You have to be careful. Do not do it yourself! If you decide to take action, make sure that whoever does the drilling uses sterilized tools. Drilling rifles should never be used; as they also serve other clients. You must see the “piercer” unpack the needle from a sterile bag using gloves that he has also previously removed from their packaging. The tools must really be single-use because the risk of transmitting STIs in such circumstances is very high. After applying an antiseptic on the area to be pierced, it will be time to take a deep breath!

It is wrong to think that this kind of piercing makes you sterile or helpless, but you still have to realize that there are certain risks. The most reported are the instability of the urinary flow in men and the hypersensitivity of the pierced area in women. Moreover, one must be very careful with the piercing of the clitoris, because it can lead to the opposite effect than the one desired, i.e. a total desensitization of the organ. In addition, it is possible that the body completely rejects the jewel, which can lead to a major infection.

As scarring can be relatively long (between 3 weeks and several months), it is important to follow the procedures carefully. The holes should be cleaned twice a day with saline solution and sexual intercourse is prohibited for a minimum of three weeks. This last directive is therefore to be taken into consideration when making your decision in two!

Should you ban the piercing of the genitals?

The Academy of Medicine strongly discouraged any piercing nipples and genital areas. Certainly, sex jewelry is more original than the eternal rings, necklaces or pair of creoles! But how far will you go to distinguish yourselves? Moreover, these “amenities” are not so new.

Piercing the nipple

Sign of strength and courage, this ornament already decorated the chest of Julius Caesar’s centurions. At the end of the nineteenth century, Queen Victoria’s court ladies wore magnificent, ornate sumptuous jewels. Nowadays, it is commonly found among gays, but many heterosexual men and women have also jumped.

It can be made vertically or horizontally, consist of a simple little stem or take the form of a ring that is then embellished with pearls or rhinestones of all colors or even a real jewel covering all or part of the nipple. Spider web, sun, dolphin, you can find a very large number of models for a small fee. But beware; the excitement of the nipples can become painful!

The decorations of the penis

Most of these ornaments are of tribal origin. Ampallang, rite of initiation Oceania, pierces laterally the glans by a stem. Described in the Kama-sutra, it allows hanging various jewels supposed to increase the feelings of the partner. You can even combine the two in a “magic” cross!

The best known of the piercings of the penis is nevertheless the “Prince Albert”, after the name of the husband of Queen Victoria who had adopted it: this ring, passed through the glans, appears through the urethra and ten times, it seems the pleasure of the two lovers. It also allowed the prince; it is said, to hang his penis on the side so as not to bump under his light pants. Other pegs pierce the area between the scrotum and the anus or the scrotum itself. Thus, a very old Arab custom, the hafada, consists of a ring placed between the testicles and the base of the sex, which makes it possible to multiply the jewels.

In circumcised men, the dydoe (metal bar inserted through the rim of the base of the glans and held by two small balls screwed) is supposed to help regain the sensation of having a foreskin. But the rings placed on the brake or the sheath of the penis can also hinder penetration! And all these “fantasies” sometimes cause allergies, infections and phymosis (the skin of the penis ignites and shrinks).

Jewelry of female genitals

Their origin is more obscure. The clitoral hood can be pierced horizontally or vertically by a rod or ring. This can also be perforated. In sadomasochistic practices, exceptionally large jewelry is sometimes hung there. Finally, you can practice a “fork”, that is to say pierce the area where the two small lips meet at the bottom of the vulva and hang all kinds of jewelry.

Genital piercings are supposed to help women achieve orgasm: the most effective, in this respect, would be placed horizontally at the top of the vulva. But they are located in very sensitive areas, containing cavernous bodies engorged with blood, which promotes hemorrhages and infections. The latter, local, can even spread, causing serious complications (infertility, sepsis). The danger is all the greater because these acts of minor surgery do not require any qualification!

What’s The Best Clitoris Vibrator To Bring On Your Travel?

For Use as a Couple or Solo, What Would be the Best Vibrator

There are a variety of criteria that must be considered to find the best vibrator for you. Important questions that must be asked to know what you need and what will suit you best! Here is a detail discussion on how to choose the best clitoris vibrator for you.

There is a difference between buying a vibrator to use during foreplay with a partner and buying a vibrator to use solo. Opt for simple vibrators of use with a simple penetration. Forget the rabbit vibrators that have too many options and too many different manipulations to be nice to be used by our partner in a relationship. If you are solo by cons, the best vibrator would be rabbit type. But you can also have a simple vibrator combined with a clitoral stimulator that will do much the same thing.

Are you Vaginal or Clitoral?

knowing that the vast majority of women are more clitoral, and the choice of a vibrator that will allow you to penetrate and stimulate the clitoris is a smart choice. But again vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously will be the height of happiness that you can get with the help of a rabbit vibrator.

What would be the Best Vibro Texture for you?

The texture is a matter of taste. There is no touch better than another; however if we take criteria such as ease of cleaning or comfort during penetration, you can make an informed choice according to your preferences. Solid textures such as soft plastic are easy to clean. Silicones soft and stable like Lelo models are also very easy to clean, but also in expert opinion very comfortable. The frozen style textures or the slightly softer silicones require special attention when cleaning. Expert recommends using adult toy cleaners for this kind of composition. Several other surfaces are available, such as Cyber skin, PVC, latex though so much less present than before to you to see!

G-Spot Stimulator- the Best Vibrator

Learn about the best G-spot stimulators available. These kinds of stimulators will often have an ideal curve for the stimulation of this area. In short, to make an informed choice, you must get to know your body and know your preferences as well as the use you want to make of your said vibrator.

Remember that every woman is different and that, which is perfect for sex experts, is not necessarily ideal for you. The technique trial error is inevitable. Beginning with a less expensive model of the vibrator is better to check the necessary vibration force, the texture that you like more and the shape and size of your required vibrator when you find the best vibrator for you, it’s guaranteed happiness!

Vibrator: how to choose?

Whether you are single or a couple, the acquisition of a vibrator can only be beneficial to your sex life. Sales of sex toys have also exploded in recent years. But how to choose your vibrator to experience the heavenly orgasm!

According to experts, the vibrator is specially designed for exotic massage and stimulation of the intimate area. Its first implication is to ensure the complete clitoral and vaginal orgasm either with your loved one or alone. The number of vibrations emitted by a vibrator amounts to an average of 2000 per minute. He can be a perfect companion for solitary sexuality and even with a partner. Vibrators are also a great way to discover your body and your most intimate erogenous zones. If you do not know them yet, it may be wise to buy several vibrators to find the one that suits you best. The vibrators bring feelings for most impossible to see with a partner.

Non-penetrating vibrators

For two-person or single use, the non-penetrating vibrator can be an exciting alternative. In the shape of a mini-phallus, it vibrates thanks to batteries. Some even recharge using a USB plug. To use it, listen to your desires and sensations, apply it to your most erogenous zones, or let your partner caress you with this little vibrating thing. If you need clitoral stimulation during penetration to reach orgasm, you can place it on your clitoris while your partner is in you.

You can also use it on your partner. An anal simulation can be enjoyable for a man. Spread it even on its brake, between the glans and the rest of the penis, on its inner face. The vibrating rings, to place around the sex of your partner, are also good stimulators of the clitoris. They can even do both vibrators and condoms. It is appropriate, in this case, to use it only once, like a classic condom.

The waterproof vibrators

The waterproof vibrators are specially designed for use in water. The most famous of these is the vibrant plastic duck, of all colours and sizes. Luxurious or more straightforward, the dynamic duck is a perfect ally for a naughty bath. Placed on the clitoris, it allows getting orgasms quickly. The waterproof vibrators also exist in the form of male that you can use in the water, while stimulating or not your clitoris with the jet of the shower.

Penetrating vibrators

Penetrating vibrators come in different sizes, shapes and materials. The balls of geisha are placed inside the vagina and vibrate to the rhythm of the movements. Discreet, they can give you orgasms throughout the day! Besides, they are instrumental in the context of perennial reeducation after childbirth or even to strengthen your perineum and make contractions caused by orgasm more powerful.

The vibrators called “rabbit”, shaped male and with a small finger allowing clitoral stimulation at the same time as penetration, are also references in sex toys. Vibrator double penetration, both vaginal and anal, can also please the greediest. These are often synonymous with very powerful orgasms.

To be sure of being satisfied by your vibrator

If you’re more like a clitoral, choose a non-penetrating roller-shaped vibrator. If you are more sensitive to penetration, want it in phallic form so you can feel a penetration similar to that felt during sexual intercourse. The choice of the material, meanwhile, will depend mainly on your feelings. However, silicone vibrators are preferred because they are easier to clean and less irritating than other materials.

Using Sex Dolls While Travelling

How to choose your Male Sex Doll

We already knew real dolls but now women can also “create” their prince of wax, or rather silicone, à la carte as these gentlemen. Vice’s journalists have even made a report on this new phenomenon which, it must be admitted, is a bit scary!

More than a sexual object, the creators of real dolls like to highlight the fact that they make the ideal spouse. Created to order on the imagination of its recipient, each doll is a unique model. Its owner has indeed the choice and his say on every detail, whether it is his hair, the color of his eyes, his hair or even the size of his sex, no aspect is left to chance. As for the genitals, they are very realistic and planned for their owner to use them as a sex toy.

Yet so far the love dolls were exclusively men’s business. Following the many requests from women, Synthetics, a company in America decided to market dolls that meet the needs and desires of women.

According to experts, women, unlike men, would ask for “dolls with defects, imperfect “for more realism. The male dolls therefore have additional options such as scars, exposed veins or spots freckles. Gabriel is the perfect example. Pure creation of the company Synthetics, the doll does not owe its name to chance since it refers to the eponymous archangel. Indeed, according to his manufacturers, he would be an angel who “will liberate women “.

Jessica Ryan is one of the few women who have agreed to testify about having ordered a love doll. As per her explanation, the sex friends are either too loose, or they are attached. The doll man is a perfect in-between, it brings the sex when that’s what you want and it’s there too when it’s not what you want. Indeed, the sex of the male dolls is planned so that their owner uses them like a sex toy.

Besides, Jessica does not hesitate to compare the relationship she has with her latex man to rendezvous on dating apps: as a woman, it’s a lot easier to have a sex robot than to see a Tinder date.

The male sex doll exists and it is terrifying! Vice

Sometimes requests are eccentric, but for just under 12,000 dollars, Synthetics is ready to respond to any request. The techno- pornographic industry is booming and is making big money. The commercialization of sex dolls may well increase considerably in view of the number of orders placed that are more numerous each day. The companies specializing in the making of these dolls like no other do not hide their hope to see in 20 years the Man live love stories with these robots.

The world has just removed one of the greatest maxims of our childhood: “men do not play the doll”. No, for us, it should rather be good-natured men, in honor of masculinity. However, today, men have found a new toy. Representations of women with well-defined curves and wavy hair; sex dolls and as if it were not enough to kill the pseudo dogma, it had to be transcribed in a vicious way. Thus, sex dolls have emerged and are becoming more and more popular. Or maybe, a nuance between men and boy is needed.

From inflatable to silicone, the revolution of sex dolls

For the record, the first references to sex dolls are of maritime origin: the sailors created with the help of old clothes female dolls for sexual use, which they nicknamed “Lady of travel”. Travel lady goes into industrial production in the years 1930-1940. With names such as “Sexy Dolly” or “Little Betty”, these simulacra can simulate the entire body or just a pelvic (rarely a face) part with one or more holes (penis, anus or mouth) to allow penetration.

Inflatable doll

The first inflatable dolls were made of vinyl (today considered as low-end). Then, latex replaced vinyl. Today, we are at the age of the molded silicone doll. They can be very realistic, with the face and body modeled on real women, with a particularly realistic skin (similar to that used for the special effects of certain films), and with real hair (or very realistic). Dolls can be dressed in real clothes to increase realism.

Today, studies are being made to overcome the passivity of these sex dolls. It could be remedied by the creation of sex robots in the form of humanoids (android and gynoid) but many steps are still needed.

There is nothing wrong with having a sex toy

It’s true, the sex toys were designed to complete the little lack that can leave a partner less willing to sex than us. But above all, to complement if not embellish the torrid moments shared by two. Thus, one gets tired less because of the routines “she on him” and “him on her”.

In addition, the foreplay is the stage at which one discovers the body of his wife, the little things that she likes; but also where the bodies are ready for fusion, when, of course, there is enough time to take part in this ritual. Many of these sex toys were also made for this step.

Elsewhere, they are on sale almost everywhere. Here, considering that sex is still taboo; they are found in hidden shops or online. Acquiring them, however, is not a criminal act that should be banned. On the contrary, it is good for some couples who, satisfied, let themselves be less tempted to go elsewhere.

Attention to the sex doll

What makes us crazy now is probably the passage of the doll silicone that gives it a look could not be more realistic. The specialists have set to work to make the gender aspect as realistic as possible even that of the very appearance of the host. And that’s where you have to be careful.

This representation pushed a little closer to reality raises questions. Indeed, it is as if one would like to have a proper substitution of the woman. And there, the risk of isolating men from women becomes even greater. Because, in fact, these dolls offer something to caress and touch, where the flesh light offered only a manual masturbator. Remember that masturbation is one of the causes of this isolation. Others will find, through these dolls, the opportunity to take revenge on all their gamins. A new sexual orientation itself is being named: Digi-sexuality. Also, one would have learned that in Botswana a man divorced from his wife for a sex doll.

Black sex doll

This is to wonder: with the advancement of technology, what will happen when these dolls can talk and / or moan? In a world where morals are becoming more and more strange, pay attention to the habits and gear we adopt because more and more, the technological advance alienates us.

Bringing A Sex Sling On Your Travel

Bringing A Sex Sling On Your Travel

How sex slings are used for Erotic BDSM

Bondage is the art of rope and lacing, astonishing but highly erotic. Of course, you are here far from the simple lacing of shoes but strangely close to the lacing of marine slings.

Without weighing you down with a pompous and boring preamble, it is necessary to approach the notion of trust. Without it, the sexual practice of Bondage can quickly turn into a fiasco and do not veil the face: you deserve better for your evening Saturday night.

By feeling completely safe with your partner, you manage to let go entirely and maybe even to reach ecstasy, like that, sensually with the fingertips.

Bondage: what is it?

The whole principle of Bondage rests on the opposition between the dominant, the one who knows the ropes, and the dominated, the one who is attached.

The pleasure of the dominant: See the other offer him full confidence, can appreciate and magnify each part of the body of his / her partner but above all, can be the sole decision maker of the turn that takes this erotic game.

The pleasure of the dominated: Ability to surrender entirely to the dominant and give free rein to his spirit. To be able to feel pleasure to be touched, to be observed without any guilt, since it does not influence the present moment.

By knotting the slings around the body of his partner, according to a specific rite, press on certain strategic arteries that cause a wave of pleasure. But be careful to tie them properly, without overtightening to avoid endangering your partner.

Bondage: what are the origins?

Bondage is sexual practice. Initially, it is torture practised by the army and not very engaging. Nevertheless, in the 15th century, it was elevated to the rank of art by the aristocracy which turns it into an erotic practice called Shibari. It is not a sexual practice strictly speaking but rather an emotional abandonment and consented to achieve a form of letting go close to ecstasy. The method of Shibari is subject to many rules. First of all, the sling must be made of hemp. And the many knots that constitute the act must be made in a precise and above all, aesthetic.

Bondage: how to practice it?

To start, the best is still to go step by step, gently but surely. Why not start with a simple scarf hanging on the bar of your bed? A soft practice that looks a bit like BDSM sex (sadomasochistic)is not less erotic. The person thus hooked surrenders entirely to the expert hands of his partner. But to go further and dare this first sexual practice in the rules of art, you can study its operation through this tutorial to learn Bondage, for example, or learn about the different courses offered in your city.Then, it’s up to you to give free rein to your imagination. It is nevertheless imperative to evoke your respective limits and to create a “safe word”, a word or a code to pronounce when you feel that the erotic game goes too far.

Bdsm sex sling

You can use the sex sling in BDSM practices. The partner putting on them is restricted in movements, he cannot entirely dispose of his body, and this can be used in the game. And you can also chain him to the sling, and the fixation will be very reliable. Some models are equipped with special mounts, which hook on the carabineer.

BDSM slings are perfect for spanking your partner. They are convenient for forced oral sex. You can also use them for bondage, tying new ropes to the straps.

How much weight can a sex sling withstand?

Each model is designed for its weight. Usually up to 130 kg. But you need to look for accurate information on the packaging. Some options allow two people to be in limbo; in such models, the permissible weight is much higher. It is not necessary to exceed the specified numbers so that the device does not fail. The lifetime is directly dependent on the loads.

How to install a sex sling?

For any sling for sex, you need a place. The distance from the nearest wall or furniture should not be less than 2 meters. The exception is the sling, which is broadcast above the bed so that one of the partners is lying on it, and the other on the straps are on top.

If the construction is hung on a hook, it should be reliable. To install it, it is better to invite professionals and warn that this thing is not for a chandelier, that the load will be about 100 kg.

How comfortable are sex slings?

The convenience of a sex sling is very individual. Someone prefers hard bases, someone soft. Claims most often occur to belts. The narrower they are, the more they dig into the body. Therefore, it is better to look for wide straps and comfortable handles for legs and arms.

Additionally sometimes buy a holder for the back or head. In many postures, this part of the body is not fixed. Therefore the head is suspended, and the neck is strained. But this moment is decided by purchasing additional lines or changing poses.

How many belts are needed?

Slings are made for legs and arms. This is enough to try out at least 30 poses. Sometimes they use knobs in different parts of the sling so that a hung person can hold onto them. This is additional support for extreme positions. The back for the back is not needed on every model. It is useful for those who like to lean on something while sitting. And sometimes you need a head holder, which is written above.

How to clean a sex sling?

During sex, people sweat, so sex sling is usually washed. They are soaked in water with a mild detergent. If you do not do this, after some time, they will start to smell like a bag for sportswear.

Most models are made from materials that are easy to clean. And even if biological fluids fall on the slings or the base, it is not scary. You can wipe them with a damp cloth. But once in 2-3 months, you should wash them thoroughly.

Sex – sling with your own hands

Making sex with your own hands is quite tricky. It is essential to design the structure correctly, to distribute the load. If something goes wrong, there may be a fall, and this could lead to severe injuries. If you use quality materials, making a sex sling with your own hands will not be cheaper than a purchased model. You will need straps for a sling, cloth for the base, or something hard to sit on. And still, need a strong spring and soft clamps for arms and legs.

Buying a good sex model is much more comfortable. And you have to install it in place, without spending a lot of time and effort to recreate from scratch. And in order not to be mistaken with the choice, you should read reviews about the sex sling. These are opinions of real users about specific options.