Latex While Travelling

What do we know about latex and its products?

There are quite a large number of definitions for this material and here is a minimum of the important information that you should know about this material when you are going to purchase a latex product.

What is latex?

So, the simplest definition of latex is the milky juice of rubber plants. Surely, you have now changed your opinion about the usual meaning of this word? Latex is an extremely resilient and resilient material, hygienic and durable. There are two different types of latex – natural latex and synthetic.

  • Natural latex – made on the basis of the present, pure sap of the tree of the Hevea;
  • Synthetic latex – is produced by chemical means, with the help of various kinds of impurities.

Nowadays, consumers prefer to use synthetic latex, because natural latex has specific qualities that can be unpleasant for a certain category of consumers. For example, natural latex has a specific odor; when it is used, particularly sensitive people may experience some sort of discomfort. Also, natural latex tends to change its color, moreover, it is not a passable process that is influenced by such external factors as temperature, oxygen and, directly, time.

Synthetic latex is less capricious and more convenient in production, practically has no persistent strong odor. However, when unpacking a toy, an industrial smell is possible, very reminiscent of the smell of rubber, which is easily removed and no longer appears. Also, synthetic latex feels calm in the sun and is not able to change its color. Hence one can easily get the difference between natural and synthetic latex.

How is latex used in the sex industry?

It’s a big secret that, in addition to condoms, almost the majority of sex toys are made from latex, from dildos to costumes. Latex has a rather smooth, soft and pleasant body structure, which is very realistic and easy to clean. A huge plus is the fact that latex products remain affordable when compared with the rest of the range of products for erotic games and fantasies. Latex easily takes body temperature and you can lose the line between artificial and real. Due to this, dildos, vibrators, anal toys are very popular with customers.

A favorite item in the sex industry is latex clothing. This may be erotic underwear: panties and body both closed and with special openings for intimate bodies; or maybe a full-length jumpsuit, with slots for the chest; and even a mini dress in which you can easily appear in a disco club or just to a home party. In any case, using latex products is it a dildo or clothes, you and your partner / partners are guaranteed to get fantastic pleasure and unforgettable feelings.

Please note that a certain risk group of people may be allergic to latex products. Medical studies have shown that such a reaction is subject to 1% of the population, so be careful. Experts have proven that latex can cause a slight rash when it hits open wounds or cuts, but this is not the only material that can cause a similar reaction. Latex toys may have a light rubber smell when you first open the box with the product. This is the “factory” smell that can evaporate in a few minutes.

One of the disadvantages of latex is that it is inconvenient to wash or wipe. Latex has a porous structure, so it is pretty easy to spoil. Also, the material rather actively attracts dust. To avoid excessive irritation on the body, latex should be wiped with a dry or slightly damp cloth, barely touching the surface of the toy or costume. That’s it; your latex stuff is ready for use.

Myths about latex

Three main myths about latex are spread:

Latex – a material very similar to rubber and latex product that has little in common with the picture on the box: By purchasing a product made of latex, every second buyer stays the first few minutes at a loss as to why the product does not look as bright as the picture on the box and why the product does not shine like on models from magazine covers? The answer is very simple: the latex material itself has a matte and slightly rough surface structure, and gives it gloss and smoothness with the help of special sprays and polishes. Having processed the surface of the material with such polishing, you will receive just the product that is painted on the box picture. Just do not forget this little secret, and the product will delight you with its attractive sheen for a long time!

Latex has a persistent unpleasant chemical smell of rubber: This myth is justified in its own way, because indeed, when you first open the box, the products really do have a manufacturing smell, but literally in a few minutes it disappears and you will not feel it anymore. Does it make sense to try to fight him? Of course, before the first use, manufacturers in one voice recommend to carry out hygienic procedures for the product, after which you don’t remember the smell. Latex products are odorless and do not actively absorb it! Experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with the range of cleaners for toys:

Latex is a rather rigid material and it does not slide over the body. To put on latex underwear, you need to make an effort and as a result there is a risk of tearing the product. In fact, everything is very simple: almost all erotic latex clothes are fitted and designed to fit the figure of a woman or a man as much as possible. Why don’t you make such claims to your favorite leather trousers or tight jeans, but complain about latex shorts? The frictional force, natural hair of a person, sweating and other factors are a natural barrier when trying to put on any fitting clothes, not only products made of latex. And you can even break the jeans, if you forcefully pull the material. That is, in this case, the myth of the latex collapses by itself, and these arguments can be applied to almost any material from which clothing is made. Latex is a strong enough elastic material that can tear if you apply force and set yourself such an end in itself. Luckily, Manufacturers of sex toys have taken care of the convenience of using the material, creating a range of spray talc for toys, which will simplify and make pleasant not only putting on / removing products, but also take care of the safety of the material itself. It is enough to spray a certain amount of spray onto the surface of the material that will come into contact with the body, and within a few seconds you are ready to fight for sexual success in a full latex uniform!

Latex is compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubricants. It is preferable to use a water-based lubricant, because it does not stain and is easily removed from the surface of the material, unlike its counterparts. You can get acquainted with the assortment of lubricants in a special sub-category of the product of store Intimate Lubricants.