Yoni Egg Yoga To Improve Your Sex Life Anywhere

Yoni Egg Yoga To Improve Your Sex Life Anywhere

Taoist Practice with Yoni Egg: The Secret Female

Our womb and vagina are our inner sanctuary, a place to access our wisdom and power. We all come from this magical and profound place. And yet, in general, we do not honor this sacred place, most of us use our belly as psychic trash cans, throwing out emotions that we are not willing to feel or face.

Retreat of Femininity and Shepherd

It takes courage to choose to reconnect with ourselves, honor and celebrate ourselves as sexual beings. Admire yourself by reading these lines, it means that you have already begun taking steps to embody the depth of your feminine essence.

The practice of strengthening the vagina has appeared in ancient China. For a long time it has been a secret practice available only to members of the royal family. Since ancient times, these practices have been used to improve the physical and spiritual health of women.

The egg is an extraordinary tool that helps to tone down the lower abdomen and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic urogenital diaphragms that act as a floor for all our vital organs. When strong, these muscles prevent the leakage of our vital foil and sexual energy and help us keep it under control. The practice of the vaginal egg also helps:

  • Intense vaginal perception, control of vaginal muscles,
  • Awakening creative energy, passion and libido,
  • Becoming more orgasmic,
  • Get control of the perineum and all the muscular groups of the pelvic floor,
  • Give your man plenty of pleasure and help with controlling ejaculation,
  • Harmonizing emotions and curing the relationship with intimacy and sexuality,
  • Reduction of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), menstrual cramps and breast discomfort
  • Overcoming traumatic experiences of sexual abuse.

Enjoy extended sexuality

If you commit your will to work with a yoni egg, it will translate into your sexual play with a partner. Once you have wakened your vagina in this way, you master sexual abilities that not only will delight your partner but also create more pleasure for you as well. These practices will teach you how to wake your vagina (genitals) to experience vaginal, cervical and uterine orgasms. And it really will not take long until you see the effects of the practice. And if you have a partner – even he will notice that something is changing. The key is regular practice.

Gold Rule: Start slowly.

At first it is not recommended to keep the egg in more than an average of one hour. Some women have cramps in the lower abdomen or ovaries. If this happens – gently pull out the egg and see what happens to your energy. There may have been some emotions – notice them and write them in the diary if you want.

Breast massage

The best way to start practicing is to give you a loving breast massage. There are many Taoist techniques of breast massage, and you can simply stroke your breasts and fill them with your love in whatever way you like. This is great because it will lubricate your vagina before you put the egg.

Binding the egg

If your egg is drilled, you have the option to tie it with thread. For this you only need a dental floss without flavors and preferably without wax. Make sure you use a new one every time you use the egg.

You do not have to bind it, but if you have anxiety such as “if my egg is lost somewhere deep in my vagina” – binding is a perfect solution. This concern is not at all out of the ordinary. If you’re one of those worried – do not get drunk. The cervix (neck of the uterus) is too tight to let anything in.

Another reason to tie the egg is an excellent advanced technique that you can do in this way, such as attaching a weight of yarn and lifting it with your vagina. Once you tie the egg, stretch your back and place the egg on your lower abdomen – it’s a good way to put your egg in your body and warm your egg. Breathe deeply down into the vagina, feeling any tense areas in your body and cushion them with breath.

Once you feel ready to introduce the egg, place it with the larger end near the entrance to the vagina and start moving the egg in slow circles, letting it in. Always insert the egg by placing the larger end inside the small labia. Another option is to start to squeeze and relax your vagina; you will feel as if suction is created and the egg is slowly sucked in.

Yoga to begin with

A truly impressive mention is the yoni eggs yoga: to make sure that the active phases of your practice are complemented by passive phases. During passive phases, relax completely. All these exercises work best if you repeat each for a few minutes.

Lying on the back:

  • Inspire and tighten your vagina as long as you can for a few seconds / expire and relax fully
  • Inspire and bring your cocoon (saddle) up / expire and lower
  • Elapse and flush the egg – not too loud, not to come out. This movement resembles defecation
  • This exercise is a great preparation for birth and also for the development of G-point orgasms and with ejaculation
  • Activating the sacrum: bring your knees close to your stomach and balance yourself around the sacrum. Imagine that there is a circle around the sacred and bind around it. Do it in one direction for two minutes, and then change the direction.

Stretched on the stomach:

  • The Shalabhasana variation / yoghurt posture that you know from yoga – raises one leg as far as you can + inspire, then expires lowering your leg. Notice what’s going on inside. The sides of the vagina are working.
  • Full version of Shalabhasana – raises both legs, inspires, tightens / lowers legs with an expiration and relaxes
  • Bhujangasana (dynamic cobra posture)
  • Inspire, Tighten and Raise yourself
  • Expire, relax and stretch.


  • Inspire and tighten your vagina as long as you can for a few seconds, expire and relax fully
  • Expiration, push the egg – not too hard, not to come out. This movement resembles defecation.
  • Collect the vagina 50 times in a row as fast as you can. It is very important to continue this with a relaxing phase.
  • View your vagina divided into 3 floors: the first floor is the entrance, the second middle zone, and the third floor is around the cervix. He contracts and then relaxes one floor in a row. It might be quite challenging at first, but imagine how fun it would be to show this to your partner in the bedroom.

A few other great things you can do with your vaginal egg or yoni egg:

  • Sleep with it – just put it in before you go to bed, and strive to remember your dreams in the morning.
  • Walk, talk, work, cook or do whatever you want with it. Just remember to give the egg a friendly hug from time to time.
  • Practice yoga or meditation with him. The egg will perfectly complement the practice of yoga or meditation. You may notice interesting results by gathering it from time to time, but even when you do not.
  • Dance from his belly with him. You will love it very much! And no one else will know. At my classes, you always have at least a little booze dance. The circular movement of the abdomen and thighs simultaneously forces the vaginal muscles. When the vaginal egg is used, this is intensified. Test movements like thighs, thighs, figure 8, vertical 8 and tremors!
  • Dance the hoola-hoop (dance with the circle) with him. And it works very well, test it!

Pay attention to the needs of your body – keep the egg inside for as long as you feel comfortable, but no more than an hour in the beginning. As you move forward, you can leave it in for up to 3 hours.