Should You Bring Double Dildo While Travelling?

What is a double dildo and how to use it?

A double dildo is an elongated phallus with two heads on the ends. Usually, they reach up to 25-30 cm in length and are made of a soft, flexible material, such as rubber, jelly or silicone. These different dildos can be used both alone and with your partner.

How to use a double dildo?

To get double pleasure, there is nothing better than a double (two-headed) dildo. These large erotic phalluses can be used in several ways: alone or with a partner. If you are using a sex toy for the first time alone, you can insert one end of the dildo into your vagina or anus, and push the other end. You can also enter one end into your vagina and the other into your anus for double penetration. If you use a two-headed phallus with your partner, you can let him control one end while you are busy with the other.

What do you need when using a double phallus?

If you have never used double dildos, here are some tips for beginners. The first thing you need, of course, is the dildo itself. In the sex shop, you will find a good collection of double dildos that are perfect for you to start. Also, there are glass versions that are shorter than 25 cm. But you can heat them with hot water or cool them in the refrigerator and get unforgettable feelings. Glass sex toys are ideal to use, or very hot, or vice versa cold. The most common double phallus is toys made from material “jelly”, silicone, latex, etc.

Once you have chosen a suitable phallus, it’s time to find out a little more about it. Gently slide your palm across its entire shape and familiarise yourself with the texture of your new “friend.” Then, excite yourself slightly with your fingers (or ask your partners to play with you), and you can proceed to the “real job”. Make sure the dildo is covered with abundant intimate lubricant and carefully insert one end into your vagina. Once you feel comfortable, you can place the 2nd end in your anus. A double dildo is also very good at using alone.

Be sure to use intimate lubricants especially if you are going to use a two-headed phallus for the anus. Use water-based lubricants and always wash the phallus after use. Remember: never use a silicone-based lubricant with silicone toys, as it will eat up your product.

Tips for using a double dildo with a partner

Using double dildos with your partner, remember one basic rule – communication is required. Always communicate with each other and tell each other how you feel and when you need to stop or, on the contrary, accelerate the pace. You can also put both ends of the dildo in your vagina and sit in front of each other and look into each other’s eyes or, on the contrary, lie down and with their legs spread apart in ecstasy. Here, an incredible amount of unbridled poses for experimentation and you can open them all.

The world of sex toys offers many possibilities. There is something for every taste. Thus, the dual vibrator is undoubtedly an excellent choice to explore the various facets of sex or masturbation. Despite the multitude of possibilities offered by this sex toy, everyone does not necessarily know how to use it best.

Steps to follow:

  1. The dual vibrator can serve both women and men, as it is designed to: Gay couples who want to enjoy anal penetration at the same time; Women who want to try double penetration without needing to be with two men at the same time; Heterosexual couples where the man wishes to enjoy or fantasize about anal penetration, a great alternative to strap-on. With the double vibrator, the woman is penetrated vaginally and the man by the anus, all simultaneously.
  2. This type of sex toys has a gap of 45 centimetres to facilitate double penetration. It is entirely flexible, the manipulation of the vibrator is thus more comfortable, to give more pleasure. They usually are textured and have a thickness of about 5 centimetres in diameter. However, it is possible to find more significant and more realistic.
  3. Before using your double vibrator, it is essential to wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water and a special soap for the private parts. The sex toy must be completely dry before use. You must repeat this each time you finish using it.
  4. Since the double vibrator will always be used for anal penetration or vaginal/anal penetration, it is essential to combine it with an intimate lubricant. This will make the penetrations softer and more pleasant. This sexual accessory will allow the vibrator to slide much more easily, especially during anal penetrations, because this area does not lubricate naturally.
  5. If you plan to share the dual vibrator with your partner, you must be aware of the risks involved. To avoid the transmission of sexual diseases, it is essential that both lovers use the double vibrator with condoms. If it is used only for anal sex, choose condoms suitable for this practice.
  6. Remember that after using the double vibrator, you must wash it to reuse it safely.

Additional functions of Dildo

The dildo may have other functions, which expands the possibilities of its use. These aspects can be used or not, they are not reflected in the primary method of application, but significantly increase the price of sex toys.

Expansion: The particular structure of the individual phalluses allows them to be pumped with air, which makes the diameter much larger. The increase is carried out after immersing the phallus in the body. The width is controlled with a special pear; dimensions can be controlled at any stage of application.

Sucker at the base: The presence of fastening at the bottom is a significant plus for the toy. It can be installed on a vertical or horizontal flat surface and used without the participation of hands. The sucker also serves as a limiter for anal games, does not allow the phallus to sink too deep.

Ejaculation: Seed eruption is an exciting process. Individual phalli can “end” with a first ejaculate. He poured into a first cavity, and with the help of a pear splashes out at the right time. As artificial sperm, unique formulations or diluted lubricant are used.

Relief surface: The presence of protrusions, antennae, relief on the phallus makes use more sensual. The particular form allows you to massage the body in the most sensitive areas. Vibrators of unusual shape are no less popular than realistic ones. Rare tilt, smooth bends and protrusions – this is a godsend for bright orgasms.

Handle at the base: The vibrator is held in the hands when applied. But often palms are wet after applying a lubricant, and the phallus slips out. The presence of a special pen is convenient. It can be in the form of a loop, and then perfectly clings to the palm, or only in the way of a rod, but with a non-slip surface.