Bringing Prostate Massagers On Your Travels

Bringing Prostate Massagers On Your Travels

The Massage of the Prostate: Feel the Anal Pleasure with Best Prostate Massagers

Gentlemen, do you want to discover a different pleasure from ejaculation? Test the prostate stimulation! Painless, the Best prostate massagers succeed wonders. If you are a beginner, you’ll find surely the same! Anal enjoyment is intense. To find out, there is nothing better than a prostate massager. Sex experts prefer and recommend best prostate massagers for beginners to stimulate the point P.

What is the point P? What is a prostate massager?

Prostate massage is the latest thing. It is a way of stimulating the male G-spot (also called point P). You can do it by hand or use a prostate massager. If you opt for a prostate massager, the question is of course: What prostate massager to buy? How does it work? What is the best massager? Moreover, which one will suit me best? Here is all the information about the prostate massage.

What is prostate massage?

Simply: massage the prostate. The prostate is a small gland (the size of a walnut) that is at the base of the penis. The prostate is a sensitive gland that can be reached through the anus and is also called “male G-spot” or “P-point”. Massaging this gland provides erotic sensations. Besides, it is good for your health and can slow down inflammations and other discomforts. It is also sometimes called prostate massage “prostate treats”. You can practice prostate massage yourself, you can ask your partner to do it, or you can use a prostate massager. Learn more about prostate massage!

How to massage the prostate yourself?

It is possible to practice the massage of the prostate intimately. How? Here is the explanation:

  • Lie on your back and bend your knees.
  • Relax your sphincter.
  • Brush a finger (forefinger or middle thumb are easier) lubricant and introduce it slowly into the anus.
  • Point your finger at the navel.
  • Push your finger inside about 5 cm. You now feel a thickness (the size of a walnut). It’s the prostate.
  • Rub your finger along the prostate and have the prostate gently move back and forth.

Caution: When you massage your prostate, you first feel like you want to urinate. It is normal, and this feeling disappears rather quickly.

Have your partner practice prostate massage

The internal massage of the prostate by your partner gives a delicious sensation of relaxation and intimacy. Your partner should use a lot of lubricants (and possibly a condom). He or she can follow the following steps. Show clearly what is pleasing to you or not and how your partner should massage your prostate for the best result.

External massage

You can also massage the prostate from the outside. How? By exerting a slight pressure on the perineum (this is the area between the anus and the scrotum). Use for that the thumb or possibly the seam of the fingers and make a slight movement of back and forth.


Men react differently to a prostate massage. Some enjoy the maximum others do not like that. This causes some men to feel angry or upset. Others think a few emotions. In still others, the massage of the prostate cause ejaculation, but it is indeed not always the case. In short: try this and do the experiment and determine (possibly with your partner) what you like.

Prostate massagers

A prostate massager is a sex toy (anal) that stimulates the prostate. You need to learn more about sex toys before using.

Kinds of prostate massagers

There are different models of prostate massagers. The model to choose depends a little on the use you make of it. Here is more information on the different models.

Anal plug with prostate stimulation

Very easy to use: an anal plug with a handle that allows you to guide it. You recognise an anal plug with stimulation of the prostate to its rounded shape. It is pointed towards the prostate for optimal enjoyment. Opt for an anal plug if you are looking for:

  • Internal stimulation.
  • The flexibility of the sex toy.
  • Good hygiene.

Vibrating prostate massager

A prostate massager is also known to vibrate the P-point vibrator and is designed for internal stimulation. It is an anal vibrator with a rounded tip that stimulates the prostate. Most point P vibrators are silicone. Be sure the one you buy is of good quality. Cheap variants often lack power and produce too little vibration, or plasticisers are part of their composition. These are not good for health.

Opt for a vibrant prostate massager if you are looking for:

  • Internal stimulation.
  • Stimulation of the prostate.
  • Intense erotic sensation.
  • Good hygiene.

Vibrating perineum massager

A vibrating perineum massager is intended for external use. It’s an anal massager and not a vibrator. Most massagers are silicone. Buy a good quality with enough power and strength. Opt for a vibrating perineum massager if you are looking for:

  • External stimulation.
  • Stimulation of the prostate.
  • Intense erotic sensation.
  • Good hygiene.

The best prostate massager for beginners

“What is the best prostate massager for me?” You ask yourself. The answer to this question is very personal. Based on all the above information, determine what degree of stimulation and what material you prefer. If you are a beginner, opt for a small format (indeed if it is for internal use). Are you a more experienced user? You can then buy a pacemaker that you like, whatever it is.

These models are designed very practically. The ring for the grip is practical. You perfectly control the strength of the penetrations and especially, the movements made with the massager once it is in your anus. If you entrust your pleasure to your partner, he or she will achieve his goals.

The massager is silicone. It is a hygienic material that also has the merit of being soft. The vibrations are ten in number, and you can choose a silent mode. Thanks to him, massage your prostate discreetly.

The diameter varies between 14 and 28 mm. It is a small size that it is possible to insert in your buttocks without any effort. Anyway, with a prostate massager, the goal is not to enter the most significant end possible in your anus but to have a soft sex toy that comes to massage the critical area. The pleasure is stronger when you go slowly. The massager is waterproof and has a battery life of one hour. So, if you want to do some good in your bath or shower, go for it!