Bringing sex toys on your journey

Bringing sex toys on your journey

DIY toys for sex: How to make it at home

Once you were embarrassed to go to a sex shop, and now for you, it’s like nothing to do, and only there’s nothing to do there. Many sex toys and games can be made at home by hand. There would be a desire, excitement and some marmalade, for example. Here are some best DIY tips for homemade sex toys.


To create this simple game, you will need a regular plastic cube from a child’s play. Print or cut out logs of the desired size with poses, glue / stick them on the double-sided tape to each face and hope for it.
Next time you can diversify the game: choose images (well, or symbols – for modest ones) of a particular type of sex: traditional, oral, and binding. Alternatively, you can use two dice of different colours. On one describes the parts of the body, on the second – the action. Or prepare a separate cube for yourself and your loved one, and throw one by one!

The whole art is to burn wood cubes. In this case, it is better to copy the silhouettes of images – it is more comfortable in the manufacturing process and looks stylish. Such a hand-made masterpiece can be given on your traditional holiday, for example, the anniversary of your acquaintance. By the way, a device for burning costs twice cheaper, than similar cubes in the store.


Slot machine to collect you, can, and will not work. We suggest you first try to make sex roulette. You’ll need a circle, cut out of cardboard, and the arrow on the button. Draw a circle into sectors and illustrate them with pictures. All within the law! By a similar principle, you can play darts. What is considered a “ten”, you two decide?


Prefer logical games, not gambling? Glue on each roundels paper medallion of erotic subjects. Agree in advance with your favourite games on the conditions: can win as a sword, has become king, and that remained last. By the way, at the same time, you can learn about the preferences of the partner. See too, any drafts he will defend until the end, and what donate. Sex toys for women.


Leather (although this is not a prerequisite) laces will give odds to any female sex accessories. It’s enough to tie them nipples. In combination with a drop of hot wax or ice cubes, which can be carried on your chest, this simple item in the application can give a lot of new sensations.


Does your young man have a knife with vibration? Get out of doubt! The survey, conducted on the forum lovers of sex, showed, that 70% of couples at least once used it for other purposes. Remove the block with the blade – and the mini-vibrator with grooved sides is ready! Remember to only sanitise the device before and after use. It seems that now you will suspiciously look at your electric toothbrush.

Sweet Ring

Not all men are ready to use purchased nozzles and cock rings for the penis. Someone shy, someone feels uncomfortable, otherwise, and completely painful. There is a simple way out: instead of a circle, use a soft bandage or a gelatin snake, which in the final you can erotically eat. Marmalade bears can also be used: spread them around your partner’s penis, put a condom on top. Voila, not only a new volume but also a ribbed surface!

Gag, Scratch and Mask

This is the easiest way to make accessories for games in style. Even if you’re a passionate opponent of all these bindings and simulated penalties, after reading the following instructions, you will try it. Everything is harmless and safe.

Make a gag tasty; sex experts advise you to choose your favourite fruit. It can be a slice of pomelo, a quarter of a peach, a circle of banana. Most importantly, to the edible part of the “cork” is not broke; when you’re going through it, thread the thin rubber band. Therefore, if you voted for a banana, let it be a little unripe.

Whip is essentially a solid handle, to which is attached one or more tails. Take the old rope, cut the cord. Here is the pen. Pre-coat it with black nail polish or acrylic paint and dry thoroughly. In the present whiptails, as a rule, leather. You can make them silk, satin or even fluffy! Cut the material you liked in stripes about 50 cm long and 2 cm wide, gather them in the tail, stretch through the handle and tie the ends in a knot. Done! Use the remaining fabric to create a flirty collar.

Mask. Remember, how to make a carnival mask glasses? The same principle is done and accessory for adult games. A little advice: do significant cut for the eyes, and mask itself is made in the same colour, as the whip handle. You do not want black, then paint your accessories in predatory colours. Or do it pink. Your game is your rules!
One young man decided to arrange a beloved unforgettable night. For this, she placed a candy bar in her vagina, so then slowly and sensually eats it. The night turned out to be exceptional: a couple of hours instead of sex scraped melted chocolate, nuts and raisins! But on this unfortunate experimenter did not stop. Another time, he put it in his favourite cell phone (well, at least he took a miniature model and packed it into a condom!). The idea was as follows: he would call, the phone would vibrate, and the girl would experience an orgasm. But they were disappointed: the subscriber was out of the network coverage area.

All in your hands

The Internet is teeming with ideas on the topic “Do-It-Yourself Sex Toys”. Are particular websites and forums, where you can meet the most complicated instructions and incredible products? People fit the handle of a screwdriver and tennis balls, invent vibrators, simulators, artificial vaginas. Not all methods are equally safe. Hopefully, you know that the objects, made of construction foam and glued with a solvent, not only can cause a severe allergy but merely life-threatening.