Bring Butt Plugs On Your Travel

Rules for Applying Anal Plug and Enjoy Sex in a Different way

Butt plug is one of the most interesting sex toys. With its help, you can get a lot of pleasant sensations. But for the device to give only pleasure, it is important to correctly use it. There are 7 rules for applying an anal sleeve that will make the process fun and painless.

  1. The correct size

Butt plugs come in diameters from 1 to 10 cm. Small sizes are suitable for beginners, large ones for fisting lovers. When buying the first cork, choose a model with a size of up to 3 cm. This option will give pleasant emotions, but will not hurt. And if this does not seem enough, then you can choose large sizes, but again – you need to gradually add the diameter each time, and not immediately go to the giants.

  1. The presence of lubricant

There is no lubrication in the anus area; therefore the use of a lubricant is necessary. It is important to buy a quality compound that will protect the skin from injury. It is not recommended to use saliva, petroleum jelly or children’s cream, bacteria reproduce well in these compounds, as a result, micro-cracks can be infected.

To reduce pain while inserting the anal plug, you can choose an anesthetic lubricant. It makes use and anal sex more convenient, but does not affect the pleasant experiences, does not reduce the power of orgasm.

  1. Slow Introduction

The anus is a narrow hole, it is impossible to immerse objects in it so that cracks or tears do not form. The introduction of sex toys occurs gradually, the body must get used to the object in the anus. The sphincter should be relaxed, and this can only be done with very smooth movements. Most anal plugs are tapered to gradually widen the passage. When immersed, it is better to perform light movements, inserting the sleeve a couple of millimeters deeper each time.

  1. Comfortable posture

The most comfortable posture for insertion is on your knees, moving your pelvis back, or lying on your back, bending and pulling your legs to your body, squatting. But the introduction is possible in other positions too. It is important to get up, sit down or lie down comfortably, so that nothing distracts. At the same time, there must be access to the anus so that it is easy to insert or remove a sex toy.

  1. Wear time

Butt plug can be worn in the body, and not only used in bed. For this purpose, models are created with a special form of a limiter. It is convenient to lie between the buttocks, does not interfere with movement. Silicone tube safely in the body can be located up to 10 hours. Metal glass holds up to 5 hours in a row. But PVC and TPR should be in the body no more than 3 hours.

For wearing it is better to choose flexible models, they cause less inconvenience. It is also important to pay attention to weight, heavy cast plugs weighing more than 100 g in the body should not be held for a long time, they stretch the sphincter too much under the influence of gravity.

  1. Cleansing

After each use, the butt plug must be thoroughly washed. It is important to treat it with a special clinic or disinfectant so that no bacteria remain on the surface. It is necessary to do this immediately after use, without leaving this procedure “for later.” After washing the sex toy is dried and cleaned for storage. Depending on the material, the sleeve must be stored with other sex products or separately. If during storage, dust or other contaminants get onto the anal plug, it will also have to be properly cleaned before use.

Frequency of use

Anal caresses are very pleasant, but after them there may remain a slight painful sensation in the anus. If there are small wounds, they heal for a while. And while there is even the slightest discomfort, it is not worth repeating games with the anal plug. It is necessary to give the body a full recovery, and only then experiment again.

There is no single rule – how often can you engage in anal sex or use butt plug. If the safety rules are followed, there will be no pain at all, which means you can experiment more often.

Butt plug is a sex toy that gives a feeling of fullness, activates hundreds of sensitive areas and prepares the body for anal. There are decorative options, there are models with vibration. But whatever option you choose, do not forget about the rules for the use of anal plugs, they will help to avoid trouble.

Sooner or later, a moment comes when the position of the missionary becomes the death of the passion of any couple plus that it hurts the joints, say the specialists. At this point, partners seek to diversify their “sexual menu” with all sorts of sexual positions and toys that spice up their sex. And if they do not have the expected effect, there is a lot of blamed idea of anal sex. It hurts; it’s dirty and looked like an act of sadomasochism. Well, it does not have to be that way. If you want to have a special orgasmic experience, consider the tips below. These recommendations are for both women and men!

If you’re determined to give a chance to this sex, call your boyfriend next to you and read the lines below:

  • Anal sex should not hurt – here comes the role of lubricant, preferably water-based. Use it abundantly; you will need to “slip” like a book.
  • Start with something “small” – with a finger, tongue, with anal balls that have different sizes, recommended by sexologist.
  • Not to the end! It does not completely penetrate your penis into the poor anus, because it does not make sense. The nerves of pleasure are located right at the entrance and the anal hole is tight enough, so there is no need to “fill the void” to feel pleasure.
  • Without fast moves – in porn movies this is practiced, but in reality it is recommended to take it as easily. It’s not like losing a football match! Do it slowly and see what the moves your partner likes are.
  • Communicate – the best way to figure out what you like and what does not.
  • No, anal sex is not “dirty” – because, in fact, the anus and especially the low part of the penis (where the penis enters) do not retain feces (exception is the situation where the partner is constipated – so give attention to this aspect).
  • Now that the anus is ready for the “big entrance”, it is important to pay attention to the other erogenous areas. Most women need stimulation at all levels. So do not ignore the vagina, clitoris and nipples!
  • The last advice that men should keep in mind: Do not insert the finger in the vagina that you used in the anus. As clean as the anus, there are still bacteria, and the vagina is extremely sensitive and there is a risk of infection.

So, if you’re afraid to try anal sex, keep in mind the recommendations above so you have a nice experience to repeat with the opportunity of having sex with butt plug!