Why A Prince Albert Piercing Can Help You Get Laid Anywhere

Why A Prince Albert Piercing Can Help You Get Laid Anywhere

What you need to know about the holes in the genitals

Long reserved for followers of sadomasochism, piercing genitals is now commonplace in tattoos and piercing shops. Men and women of all ages seem to be tempted by this intimate body decoration. This week, let’s lift the veil on this practice which makes more than one grimace!

Honey, would you like Prince Albert?

A what?! Will probably tell the main interested! Prince Albert. You know this ring-shaped piercing that goes through the urethra to come out under the glans, near the penis brake? It’s a Prince Albert. According to the legend, the latter wore this kind of jewel to fix his penis along his leg to wear his tight pants and frock coat open. It looks very fashionable at this time. Anyway, it seems that this piercing provides the little “oumph” more to the partner during sex.

Moreover, one of the main reasons for the piercing of the genitals is the additional pleasure felt during lovemaking. Men can also have the “Ampallang”, a stem that completely crosses the glans or the “pubic” which consists of having a straight rod (barbell) on the pubis, at the base of the penis, thus increasing the clitoral sensations of the partner.

Women also have the choice of piercing styles! The most popular is the small ring in the hood of the clitoris. The constant friction of the jewel on the clitoris gives it an additional stimulation during sex (and in everyday life!) There is also the piercing of small or large lips and the one called “the fork” which decorates with a stem straight or curved the place where the small lips meet.

Maybe, but why

The one of the main benefits of Prince Albert piercing is having sex in style an experiencing more thrill every day. A couple may decide to take the bite of the genitals in order to increase the pleasure of the partner. But besides the pleasure, many choose this option by pure aesthetics. They wear it as an intimate jewel, they will only reveal to those who really deserve it. Just like the tattoo, the piercing of the genitals is a form of body expression, which demonstrates a unique side and which can help the appropriation of the body.

The cost for intimate piercing is between $ 80 and $ 120. Not very expensive, you will say some who mention having the impression to benefit from a permanent sex toy! Good news: it’s not like a tattoo, so it’s reversible. You do not want more? You take it off, that’s all.


You have to be careful. Do not do it yourself! If you decide to take action, make sure that whoever does the drilling uses sterilized tools. Drilling rifles should never be used; as they also serve other clients. You must see the “piercer” unpack the needle from a sterile bag using gloves that he has also previously removed from their packaging. The tools must really be single-use because the risk of transmitting STIs in such circumstances is very high. After applying an antiseptic on the area to be pierced, it will be time to take a deep breath!

It is wrong to think that this kind of piercing makes you sterile or helpless, but you still have to realize that there are certain risks. The most reported are the instability of the urinary flow in men and the hypersensitivity of the pierced area in women. Moreover, one must be very careful with the piercing of the clitoris, because it can lead to the opposite effect than the one desired, i.e. a total desensitization of the organ. In addition, it is possible that the body completely rejects the jewel, which can lead to a major infection.

As scarring can be relatively long (between 3 weeks and several months), it is important to follow the procedures carefully. The holes should be cleaned twice a day with saline solution and sexual intercourse is prohibited for a minimum of three weeks. This last directive is therefore to be taken into consideration when making your decision in two!

Should you ban the piercing of the genitals?

The Academy of Medicine strongly discouraged any piercing nipples and genital areas. Certainly, sex jewelry is more original than the eternal rings, necklaces or pair of creoles! But how far will you go to distinguish yourselves? Moreover, these “amenities” are not so new.

Piercing the nipple

Sign of strength and courage, this ornament already decorated the chest of Julius Caesar’s centurions. At the end of the nineteenth century, Queen Victoria’s court ladies wore magnificent, ornate sumptuous jewels. Nowadays, it is commonly found among gays, but many heterosexual men and women have also jumped.

It can be made vertically or horizontally, consist of a simple little stem or take the form of a ring that is then embellished with pearls or rhinestones of all colors or even a real jewel covering all or part of the nipple. Spider web, sun, dolphin, you can find a very large number of models for a small fee. But beware; the excitement of the nipples can become painful!

The decorations of the penis

Most of these ornaments are of tribal origin. Ampallang, rite of initiation Oceania, pierces laterally the glans by a stem. Described in the Kama-sutra, it allows hanging various jewels supposed to increase the feelings of the partner. You can even combine the two in a “magic” cross!

The best known of the piercings of the penis is nevertheless the “Prince Albert”, after the name of the husband of Queen Victoria who had adopted it: this ring, passed through the glans, appears through the urethra and ten times, it seems the pleasure of the two lovers. It also allowed the prince; it is said, to hang his penis on the side so as not to bump under his light pants. Other pegs pierce the area between the scrotum and the anus or the scrotum itself. Thus, a very old Arab custom, the hafada, consists of a ring placed between the testicles and the base of the sex, which makes it possible to multiply the jewels.

In circumcised men, the dydoe (metal bar inserted through the rim of the base of the glans and held by two small balls screwed) is supposed to help regain the sensation of having a foreskin. But the rings placed on the brake or the sheath of the penis can also hinder penetration! And all these “fantasies” sometimes cause allergies, infections and phymosis (the skin of the penis ignites and shrinks).

Jewelry of female genitals

Their origin is more obscure. The clitoral hood can be pierced horizontally or vertically by a rod or ring. This can also be perforated. In sadomasochistic practices, exceptionally large jewelry is sometimes hung there. Finally, you can practice a “fork”, that is to say pierce the area where the two small lips meet at the bottom of the vulva and hang all kinds of jewelry.

Genital piercings are supposed to help women achieve orgasm: the most effective, in this respect, would be placed horizontally at the top of the vulva. But they are located in very sensitive areas, containing cavernous bodies engorged with blood, which promotes hemorrhages and infections. The latter, local, can even spread, causing serious complications (infertility, sepsis). The danger is all the greater because these acts of minor surgery do not require any qualification!