Using Sex Dolls While Travelling

How to choose your Male Sex Doll

We already knew real dolls but now women can also “create” their prince of wax, or rather silicone, à la carte as these gentlemen. Vice’s journalists have even made a report on this new phenomenon which, it must be admitted, is a bit scary!

More than a sexual object, the creators of real dolls like to highlight the fact that they make the ideal spouse. Created to order on the imagination of its recipient, each doll is a unique model. Its owner has indeed the choice and his say on every detail, whether it is his hair, the color of his eyes, his hair or even the size of his sex, no aspect is left to chance. As for the genitals, they are very realistic and planned for their owner to use them as a sex toy.

Yet so far the love dolls were exclusively men’s business. Following the many requests from women, Synthetics, a company in America decided to market dolls that meet the needs and desires of women.

According to experts, women, unlike men, would ask for “dolls with defects, imperfect “for more realism. The male dolls therefore have additional options such as scars, exposed veins or spots freckles. Gabriel is the perfect example. Pure creation of the company Synthetics, the doll does not owe its name to chance since it refers to the eponymous archangel. Indeed, according to his manufacturers, he would be an angel who “will liberate women “.

Jessica Ryan is one of the few women who have agreed to testify about having ordered a love doll. As per her explanation, the sex friends are either too loose, or they are attached. The doll man is a perfect in-between, it brings the sex when that’s what you want and it’s there too when it’s not what you want. Indeed, the sex of the male dolls is planned so that their owner uses them like a sex toy.

Besides, Jessica does not hesitate to compare the relationship she has with her latex man to rendezvous on dating apps: as a woman, it’s a lot easier to have a sex robot than to see a Tinder date.

The male sex doll exists and it is terrifying! Vice

Sometimes requests are eccentric, but for just under 12,000 dollars, Synthetics is ready to respond to any request. The techno- pornographic industry is booming and is making big money. The commercialization of sex dolls may well increase considerably in view of the number of orders placed that are more numerous each day. The companies specializing in the making of these dolls like no other do not hide their hope to see in 20 years the Man live love stories with these robots.

The world has just removed one of the greatest maxims of our childhood: “men do not play the doll”. No, for us, it should rather be good-natured men, in honor of masculinity. However, today, men have found a new toy. Representations of women with well-defined curves and wavy hair; sex dolls and as if it were not enough to kill the pseudo dogma, it had to be transcribed in a vicious way. Thus, sex dolls have emerged and are becoming more and more popular. Or maybe, a nuance between men and boy is needed.

From inflatable to silicone, the revolution of sex dolls

For the record, the first references to sex dolls are of maritime origin: the sailors created with the help of old clothes female dolls for sexual use, which they nicknamed “Lady of travel”. Travel lady goes into industrial production in the years 1930-1940. With names such as “Sexy Dolly” or “Little Betty”, these simulacra can simulate the entire body or just a pelvic (rarely a face) part with one or more holes (penis, anus or mouth) to allow penetration.

Inflatable doll

The first inflatable dolls were made of vinyl (today considered as low-end). Then, latex replaced vinyl. Today, we are at the age of the molded silicone doll. They can be very realistic, with the face and body modeled on real women, with a particularly realistic skin (similar to that used for the special effects of certain films), and with real hair (or very realistic). Dolls can be dressed in real clothes to increase realism.

Today, studies are being made to overcome the passivity of these sex dolls. It could be remedied by the creation of sex robots in the form of humanoids (android and gynoid) but many steps are still needed.

There is nothing wrong with having a sex toy

It’s true, the sex toys were designed to complete the little lack that can leave a partner less willing to sex than us. But above all, to complement if not embellish the torrid moments shared by two. Thus, one gets tired less because of the routines “she on him” and “him on her”.

In addition, the foreplay is the stage at which one discovers the body of his wife, the little things that she likes; but also where the bodies are ready for fusion, when, of course, there is enough time to take part in this ritual. Many of these sex toys were also made for this step.

Elsewhere, they are on sale almost everywhere. Here, considering that sex is still taboo; they are found in hidden shops or online. Acquiring them, however, is not a criminal act that should be banned. On the contrary, it is good for some couples who, satisfied, let themselves be less tempted to go elsewhere.

Attention to the sex doll

What makes us crazy now is probably the passage of the doll silicone that gives it a look could not be more realistic. The specialists have set to work to make the gender aspect as realistic as possible even that of the very appearance of the host. And that’s where you have to be careful.

This representation pushed a little closer to reality raises questions. Indeed, it is as if one would like to have a proper substitution of the woman. And there, the risk of isolating men from women becomes even greater. Because, in fact, these dolls offer something to caress and touch, where the flesh light offered only a manual masturbator. Remember that masturbation is one of the causes of this isolation. Others will find, through these dolls, the opportunity to take revenge on all their gamins. A new sexual orientation itself is being named: Digi-sexuality. Also, one would have learned that in Botswana a man divorced from his wife for a sex doll.

Black sex doll

This is to wonder: with the advancement of technology, what will happen when these dolls can talk and / or moan? In a world where morals are becoming more and more strange, pay attention to the habits and gear we adopt because more and more, the technological advance alienates us.