Bringing A Sex Sling On Your Travel

Bringing A Sex Sling On Your Travel

How sex slings are used for Erotic BDSM

Bondage is the art of rope and lacing, astonishing but highly erotic. Of course, you are here far from the simple lacing of shoes but strangely close to the lacing of marine slings.

Without weighing you down with a pompous and boring preamble, it is necessary to approach the notion of trust. Without it, the sexual practice of Bondage can quickly turn into a fiasco and do not veil the face: you deserve better for your evening Saturday night.

By feeling completely safe with your partner, you manage to let go entirely and maybe even to reach ecstasy, like that, sensually with the fingertips.

Bondage: what is it?

The whole principle of Bondage rests on the opposition between the dominant, the one who knows the ropes, and the dominated, the one who is attached.

The pleasure of the dominant: See the other offer him full confidence, can appreciate and magnify each part of the body of his / her partner but above all, can be the sole decision maker of the turn that takes this erotic game.

The pleasure of the dominated: Ability to surrender entirely to the dominant and give free rein to his spirit. To be able to feel pleasure to be touched, to be observed without any guilt, since it does not influence the present moment.

By knotting the slings around the body of his partner, according to a specific rite, press on certain strategic arteries that cause a wave of pleasure. But be careful to tie them properly, without overtightening to avoid endangering your partner.

Bondage: what are the origins?

Bondage is sexual practice. Initially, it is torture practised by the army and not very engaging. Nevertheless, in the 15th century, it was elevated to the rank of art by the aristocracy which turns it into an erotic practice called Shibari. It is not a sexual practice strictly speaking but rather an emotional abandonment and consented to achieve a form of letting go close to ecstasy. The method of Shibari is subject to many rules. First of all, the sling must be made of hemp. And the many knots that constitute the act must be made in a precise and above all, aesthetic.

Bondage: how to practice it?

To start, the best is still to go step by step, gently but surely. Why not start with a simple scarf hanging on the bar of your bed? A soft practice that looks a bit like BDSM sex (sadomasochistic)is not less erotic. The person thus hooked surrenders entirely to the expert hands of his partner. But to go further and dare this first sexual practice in the rules of art, you can study its operation through this tutorial to learn Bondage, for example, or learn about the different courses offered in your city.Then, it’s up to you to give free rein to your imagination. It is nevertheless imperative to evoke your respective limits and to create a “safe word”, a word or a code to pronounce when you feel that the erotic game goes too far.

Bdsm sex sling

You can use the sex sling in BDSM practices. The partner putting on them is restricted in movements, he cannot entirely dispose of his body, and this can be used in the game. And you can also chain him to the sling, and the fixation will be very reliable. Some models are equipped with special mounts, which hook on the carabineer.

BDSM slings are perfect for spanking your partner. They are convenient for forced oral sex. You can also use them for bondage, tying new ropes to the straps.

How much weight can a sex sling withstand?

Each model is designed for its weight. Usually up to 130 kg. But you need to look for accurate information on the packaging. Some options allow two people to be in limbo; in such models, the permissible weight is much higher. It is not necessary to exceed the specified numbers so that the device does not fail. The lifetime is directly dependent on the loads.

How to install a sex sling?

For any sling for sex, you need a place. The distance from the nearest wall or furniture should not be less than 2 meters. The exception is the sling, which is broadcast above the bed so that one of the partners is lying on it, and the other on the straps are on top.

If the construction is hung on a hook, it should be reliable. To install it, it is better to invite professionals and warn that this thing is not for a chandelier, that the load will be about 100 kg.

How comfortable are sex slings?

The convenience of a sex sling is very individual. Someone prefers hard bases, someone soft. Claims most often occur to belts. The narrower they are, the more they dig into the body. Therefore, it is better to look for wide straps and comfortable handles for legs and arms.

Additionally sometimes buy a holder for the back or head. In many postures, this part of the body is not fixed. Therefore the head is suspended, and the neck is strained. But this moment is decided by purchasing additional lines or changing poses.

How many belts are needed?

Slings are made for legs and arms. This is enough to try out at least 30 poses. Sometimes they use knobs in different parts of the sling so that a hung person can hold onto them. This is additional support for extreme positions. The back for the back is not needed on every model. It is useful for those who like to lean on something while sitting. And sometimes you need a head holder, which is written above.

How to clean a sex sling?

During sex, people sweat, so sex sling is usually washed. They are soaked in water with a mild detergent. If you do not do this, after some time, they will start to smell like a bag for sportswear.

Most models are made from materials that are easy to clean. And even if biological fluids fall on the slings or the base, it is not scary. You can wipe them with a damp cloth. But once in 2-3 months, you should wash them thoroughly.

Sex – sling with your own hands

Making sex with your own hands is quite tricky. It is essential to design the structure correctly, to distribute the load. If something goes wrong, there may be a fall, and this could lead to severe injuries. If you use quality materials, making a sex sling with your own hands will not be cheaper than a purchased model. You will need straps for a sling, cloth for the base, or something hard to sit on. And still, need a strong spring and soft clamps for arms and legs.

Buying a good sex model is much more comfortable. And you have to install it in place, without spending a lot of time and effort to recreate from scratch. And in order not to be mistaken with the choice, you should read reviews about the sex sling. These are opinions of real users about specific options.